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Voices of Change: Voices of Change

BTR 02.01.2012

Beyond The Ripples (BTR) (beyonddaripples on Twitter and associated accounts) is turning up the press action.  BTR has been – albeit sporadic – published on several different platforms.  Carrying many of the same posts – and some specific to a platform.  That type of ‘publication’ will continue, but with a far more regular beat than […]

Terry Gross, NPR/Fresh Air, interview w/

Terry Gross, NPR/Fresh Air, interview w/Matt Richtel, NY Times Tech Ed., “Your Brain on Computers”: MUST LISTEN. #n5com

GMail Buzz ALERT! I love Gmail; lots of

GMail Buzz ALERT! I love Gmail; lots of accounts; loved Buzz, until yesterday: I was STUNG! Ditched Buzz Totally! No Buzz No More #n5tip


TekTiks Is Online

The tamer of troubling technology is now online. Soon – tutorials and commentary will follow about nagging problems we all have with technology and the world that follows. Stay tuned.  The whip is getting ready to crack! TEKTIK

i65DesignMedia: i65design+media

i65DesignMedia: i65design+media

i65 Steps up Illustration

Illustration is the key to bringing life to copy.  The age old adage  “A picture is worth a thousand words.” is true in some instances, but most often it’s worth a lot more.  Though the image will not be worthy of a ‘thousand words’, what it brings will be invaluable in getting your point across. […]

LesBooth: Les Booth

New site coming online …

It has been 10 years since I developed this website/blog. And it was time to..

Hello World! Can you hear me now?

Whether you started computing in the DOS era or just started a Word Press blog,..

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OOAK: OOAK Gallery

Nameless Rivers past

There are writings one can read in which a whole new venue opens. Such was..

OOAKGallery – on the cusp

OOAKGallery … the ReBirth, is coming.  But first – a lot of background work and..

Gnat Wind – from QuillPill

Gnat Wind – from QuillPill A few years ago, before Twitter got to going, there..